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Planning a Group Celebration

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

If you have been tasked with planning a birthday celebration, graduation, bachelor or bachelorette party, hammering out all of the details can be a difficult and stressful experience. If you’re planning a party with multiple destinations or would like to spend an entire weekend celebrating, finding transportation for the entire group should be top priority. Your best bet for an extended celebration might be renting a large van for the group to commute around town during your stay. Or, if you’re just needing transportation for an evening, you may consider a shuttle service. 

Whether you are planning a trip out of town or looking to stay in your hometown to celebrate, there are so many options for group activities. Obviously, your activities will depend on your location, but here are some popular ideas:


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  • Paintball is a great group experience that’s sure to be a lot of fun. Of course, if this is a bachelor or bachelorette party, make sure it’s not too close to the wedding as those paint pellets sure sting and have the potential to bruise! If you are concerned about the pain or bruising that goes along with paintball, another similar option is laser tag.
  • Scavenger hunts can add to an evening’s festivities. If you’ve hired a shuttle service, make a stop at a restaurant, planned activity, a couple of night clubs and then back to the hotel. Pre-arrange to have small gifts or slightly embarrassing activities planned for the person-of-honor at each location.
  • Head to a karaoke bar and sing the night away with your friends. Just keep in mind that some karaoke bars are frequented by regulars and there is an etiquette that is followed by audience members and singers. Sit back and listen to a few of the songs before hopping on stage and belting out your favorite tune.
    Who doesn’t like a good go cart ride every once in a while? Find a local race track and bring out that competitive spirit. Many race tracks also have arcades and other entertainment nearby, so when you think you’ve had enough racing, head to the other attractions with the group.
  • Play a sport - whether it’s football, hockey or golf, nothing is more fun than getting the group together and exerting some energy while you’re at it. Try finding something that everyone in the group can play. Or, plan an alternate activity for those who aren’t interested so they can still have fun while the rest of the group is participating in the sporting activity.
  • If you’re interested in traveling to another city for your celebration, New York City parties are high on the list of top cities. Whether you party in Manhattan or The Hamptons on Long Island, New York City is a happening place and offers a lot to partiers with nightclubs for every taste, party boats, and more. New York also has more restaurants per capita than any other city in North America. If you decide that New York is your destination of choice, hire a shuttle service to take you around town and you won’t have the added stress of driving in the Big Apple.

Once you’ve selected your destination and decided on your activities, the bulk of your work is complete. Since you will have a large group, it is always smart to contact restaurants, nightclubs or attractions in advance to ensure that you don’t need to make reservations. If you’re planning an extended weekend celebration, you’ll also want to find a place to stay that will fit the entire group. House rentals are always a good option or you can reserve a block of rooms at a hotel. You’ll also need to line up your transportation, whether it be renting a van or hiring a shuttle service. If you are planning a van rental, be sure to designate a driver in advance to ensure the safety of you and your guests.

While it may seem like a lot of work now, it will all pay off in the end. Planning the party is the hard part, but once it’s done, you can sit back and have a blast!

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