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Memorial Day is Fast Approaching !

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Memorial Day weekend Newsletter IMAGE Rent-A-Car Specials

Memorial Day is fast approaching – isn’t it time you made vacation plans? The first long weekend of the summer is all about getting out and having fun with family and friends, so what are you waiting for? Reserve a fun, affordable vehicle from Image Rent A Car today and take advantage of low reduced rates across our entire fleet.
Spend time with your extended family this Memorial Day
Start your summer off right – spend Memorial Day weekend traveling with (close) friends and (extended) family (members). Don’t have enough room to take everyone with you? Then call Image! Image’s low rates on extended passenger vans are the best in the business – but don’t take our word for it.

Passenger Van Rentals by IMAGEThis Memorial Day weekend, Image customers will save an additional 10% off of (Image’s) our or their already low van rental prices. Restrictions apply.* Reference the coupon code #MEM at the time of reservation to take advantage of this exclusive discount.

*offer valid May 15 to May 26, 2009. Reduced rates apply to rentals booked at the JFK and Newark airport locations only.
We’ve got a location near you

Whether you’re looking for a spacious extended van or a sophisticated exotic rental, Image Rent A Car can help connect you to some of the East Coast’s finest rental vehicles. Image provides rental vehicles to travelers all over the NY/NJ tri-state area, as well as throughout Florida’s metropolitan centers. To learn more about reduced Memorial Day rental rates, contact the location nearest you, or log onto

Memorial Day Van Rentals - Holiday Van Rentals

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2010 Range Rover Gets Upgraded

Monday, April 27th, 2009

2010 Range Rover Rentals

Land Rover has added some minor upgrades to the new 2010 Range Rover. One of the most noticeable upgrades is the headlamps but there a lot more than that. Range Rover has added 1,420 new parts into the 2010 Rover. The interior has also been enhanced. The cabin has been refined to a much more delicate and soothing atmosphere. The interior gets nicer woods (six varieties to choose from), softer leathers, and a 12 inch LCD screen in the center console. Land Rover has claimed the 2010 Range Rover to be the quietest and most pleasurable Range Rover experience ever ( ) Rent A Range Rover 2010 - Range Rover Rental

The 2010 Range Rover features subtle updates to the body, including a revised grille and bumper, along with a new LED indicator system in the headlights.

But look, forget all that.  Let’s talk power.

Motivation for the 2010 Range Rover will be provided by a choice of a 5.0 litre supercharged V8, producing an agreeable 380kW (510hp) and 625Nm (461lb-ft) of torque, or a naturally-aspirated 5.0 litre V8 making 276kW (375hp) and 508Nm (375lb-ft) of torque.

Land Rover says that despite the Range Rover’s new supercharged V8 making a good 29 percent more power and 12 percent more torque than previous, fuel consumption is improved by 7.3 percent, offering just 14.8 l/100km.

On the inside, there’s new leather trim to the headlining, pillar and door casings, and a new satin chrome-plated finish to the control buttons.

 A dual-view touch-screen display screen rests in the centre stack, while a configurable 12-inch TFT screen – which Land Rover claims is the world’s largest – features, well, where the instrument cluster would usually be.

 Your fuel allowance won’t be the only happy camper in the equation though, with emissions down 7.4 percent to 348g/km.  Camping enthusiasts can sleep under trees a little longer then.

Rangey fans can also look forward to upgraded Terrain Response and Stability Control systems and a new surround camera system to improve the parking process

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Sports Teams Travel - New York

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Group Team Sports Travel

Traveling with your sports team can be a fun and memorable experience. With a little planning, you can ensure that everyone get quote for van rentals

12-passenger vans 15-passenger vans
9-passenger vans 8-passenger vans

goes home with a smile on their face. If you’re just in the initial planning stages, the best place to begin is by contacting a convention and visitor bureau. They are experts in their local community and can guide you to venues that are just right for your group.

When planning, consider renting a van and organizing group activities such as trips to museums, shopping centers, theme parks and sightseeing at the main attractions throughout the city. If you are a coach or chaperone and traveling with a group, it’s not unusual to have unique concerns and requirements. Here are a few tips to help keep your team safe and together during your travels:
-  Book hotels with adjacent rooms or, if that is unavailable at your hotel, try to group the rooms as close together as possible. Most likely, your team won’t cause any trouble, but it will make your life a lot easier considering that coaches and parents will ultimately be held responsible for any bad behavior in the hotel.get quote for van rentals
-  Choose a hotel that offers free breakfast. Not only does it help cut down on the travel expenses, it is extremely convenient for everyone to gather together in the hotel lobby for breakfast each morning. Your team will be able to sleep in a little extra and get a nice breakfast in the morning so players will be in good shape to play their best when game time rolls around.
Rent a large van to keep the entire team together during your travels. This is a great way to ensure that no one gets lost and everyone makes it to your destination in a timely manner. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to build camaraderie between teammates. What better way to build friendships than enjoying time on the road and seeing the sights of the city together?
-  Book your travel well in advance, especially if you are traveling for a tournament You may think that you have plenty of time to book group travel for your team, but many towns have limited hotel space and, if possible, it is best to book at least 60 days in advance to ensure the highest availability.

Booking your sports team’s travel is very important. Give your players the best opportunity to win by planning ahead and using all of the tools available. By booking in advance, choosing the right hotel and renting a large van, you’re team is well on its way to a trip that will be remembered for years to come.

Group Trips and Group Transportation Services - Sports Team Travel - Team Van Rental, Van Rentals , Van Hire New York - Sports Team Vans New York

Student Sports Team Travel

Peak Performance Tours takes all the hassle out of planning trips for your student travel teams. We will work with you and your parents to provide 15 Passenger Van reservations only or a total tour package including hotels, transportation for your student sport’s team group tour. In addition, we would be happy to provide online housing registration for your sports tournament or event. We understand how time consuming it can be to arrange 15 Passenger Vans, Luxury Vans, Sprinter Vans and 15 Passenger Vans with Drivers and hotels, so we take care of all the work so you can lead your team to victory.

New York High School, College, League, and Professional Sports


High School



Stadiums - Arenas

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One Exciting Adventure in NY - NJ

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

greatswampSome folks think you have to travel to distant lands to find a real adventure. Let me tell you about our latest. Living in Manhattan has its good parts, but getting out of town is always a joy. Five friends and I rented a van from a local company, loaded up our supplies and headed for New Jersey. Now, before you bust a gut about New Jersey, know we were headed for the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge. If every you wanted to see wild life (not life gone wild – picture Times Square on New Year’s Eve) this is the place. It is not often crowded, it is not hard to get to, it is not far from home. Traveling with friends who have the same kind of adventurous spirit makes for a wonderful week-end.

Approximately 8.5 miles of primitive trails are maintained in the wilderness area and roaming off-trail is permitted. Great Swamp was established as a place to provide for migratory birds, a stopover where they can feed and nest. The western half of the Refuge is managed as a optimum habitat for a wide variety of birds and other animals. Water is regulated; grasslands are mowed and maintained for the best habitat for wood ducks, bluebirds, and other birds. In addition, constant research is a part of the overall operation.

The eastern half of the Refuge is a Wilderness Area, made so by Congress in 1968. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has removed remaining traces of our activities there such as roads, old house sites and dumps. The wilderness area is a beautiful section that contains both floodplain and forest and about 100 acres of open water that provides unique habitat for a great variety of plants and animals.

While most of New Jersey may not be the most exciting place to visit, an adventure to the Great Swamp can be lots of fun. Load your van with friends, food, and the gear you need for hiking a swamp. You will find more than you bargained for.

Call Newark Image Van Rentals to rent a passenger van for your group.

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