Being a Good Houseguest is Key for a Successful Family Visit

Being a Good Houseguest is Key for a Successful Family Visit

Whether you’re visiting family during the holidays or staying at someone else’s house any time during the year, it’s necessary to be a good houseguest. For those traveling with a baby or small child, it’s even more important to be considerate of your surroundings. Here are a few tips and suggestions to ensure you’ll be invited back again:

- Make your hosts aware of any nighttime routines. If your child has a tendency to cry out at two in the morning or you have to wake up for feedings multiple times during the night, it’s nice to let others in the house know about these habits. That way, they can shut their door the night before so the noise won’t wake them. If nothing else, it will make it easier for them to go back to sleep after waking up to any noises.

- Rent a car if you traveled by plane. Your hosts have already gone out of their way to provide a place for you to stay. By renting a car, you can drive yourself to and from the airport without inconveniencing them and you’ll also have more independence throughout your visit.

- If you have a baby or small child, be sure to pack all of the necessary dinnerware, snacks and food. After each meal, sweep up the mess and make sure the area as clean as possible. It might be a good idea to bring a plastic tarp or tablecloth to place under your child as they eat to avoid any spills on carpet.

- Have your host give you an inservice on using their washing machine. With all of the extra towels, wash cloths and not to mention your own clothes, laundry can build up quite quickly while you’re away. If you learn how to work the washer early on during your stay, you won’t have to burden your host with additional chores.

- Find out where the outdoor garbage is located. Again, this is something for parents with babies to take into consideration. No one wants dirty diapers in their indoor trash…especially people who don’t have children. Find out where the outdoor garbage cans are stored so you can dispose of the diapers as needed without overfilling wastebaskets. It wouldn’t hurt to bring along some extra plastic bags as well.

Just a few kind gestures will go along way, and by simply planning ahead you’ll be well on your way to a happy home-stay.

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