Conversion Van Rental in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA & South Florida

Conversion Van Rentals

Conversion Van Rentals

Conversion Van Rentals





12 Passenger Van Rentals

8-10-12 Passenger Van Rentals

  • Great van for a Family outing.

  • Church events.

  • School trips.

  • and Summer camps.

Conversion Van Rentals

Conversion Van Rentals 7-9-12-15

  • Fully Loaded.

  • High Top Roofs.

  • TV/DVD.

  • Captain Leather chairs and Sofa bed.

Sprinter Van Rentals

Sprinter Van Rentals 12 Passenger

  • EXTRA EXTRA Space.

  • TV/DVD + Backup Camera.

  • 200 Sq Ft of storage space.

  • Diesel run.

15 Passenger Van Rentals

15 Passenger Van Rentals

  • Excellent for Political campaigns.

  • School trips.

  • Summer Camps.

  • Sports Teams and more.

Van Wrapps Van Rentals

Van Wrapped Car Rentals

  • Excellent for Political campaigns.

  • School trips.

  • Corporate Promotions.

  • Photo shoots.

Cadillac Escalade Rentals

Cadillac Escalade Rentals

  • Corporate Event.

  • Weekend Getaway.

  • VIPs & Chauffeuring.

  • Event Promotion.



Conversion Van Rentals7 - 9 and 15 Passenger Conversion Van Rental and 12 - 15 Passenger Van Rentals

Have you always avoided renting luxury vehicles because you think they're just too small? If so, now's the time to check out IMAGE Rent-A-Cars luxury conversion van selection! Beautifully designed to provide travelers with oodles of room, the Chevrolet Explorer Van van rental is an outstanding rental option for vacation families and road tripping friends! Conversion luxury vans are the latest traveling trend here in Long Island, providing upscale-travelers with unlimited vacation space.


Fully loaded with a  DVD, CD, VCR and PlayStation PS2 entertainment system, this conversion van rental is the perfect choice for lavish travelers. With room for you and your eight closest friends, the Explorer Van Conversion Van luxury rental from IMAGE is a great way to take your party all over town!

From the beach to mall, the Chevy Explorer Van Conversion Van puts the ?fun? back into functional so why waste your money on some measly little two-seater sports car! Reserve one of Image's luxury conversion van rentals today!




250-290 Per Day | 799-899 3d-Weekend | 1499-1799 Weekly

12 Passenger Van

15 Passenger Van 15 Passenger Limo High Top


Luxury Amenities are a Dime a Dozen in this Stylish Rental!

The Chevrolet Explorer Van Conversion Van luxury rental is the perfect choice for first-class travelers.

From the leather seats to the state-of-the-art GPS Navigation system, the conversion van rentals at IMAGE provide travelers with the very highest level of comfort. Conversion van rental customers can also enjoy playing their favorite video games on the latest PlayStation gaming system. Backseat travelers can also indulge in a movie during their trip thanks to the DVD/VCR and television fold down console. And who could forget about the addition third row of seating! This multi-functional vehicle is the perfect option for all-night travelers too. A simple flip of the wrist and the third row of seating folds flat, creating a convenient traveling bed. A myriad of smaller amenities can also be found inside the rolling hotel room including a plethora of cup holders, storage bins, and overhead compartments.

Converting Functionality into Luxury

If you're looking to enjoy some functional comfort during your upcoming New York vacation the Explorer Van Conversion Van is the perfect vehicle for you. And talk about power! These conversion van rentals come loaded with 6.0 liter V8 engines and a silky smooth four-speed automatic transmissions. Interior comforts also include 6 way power-adjustable driver and passenger seats and a fold down center armrest. Luxury travelers will also enjoy the beautiful leather and walnut steering wheel and well as the high gloss walnut valances. High gloss immersion dashboards, door pads, motor and door covers also compliment this vehicle. Cosmopolitan travelers can definitely benefit from a vehicle like this, so what are you waiting for! The Explorer Van luxury conversion van rentals at IMAGE Rent-A-Car are often in high demand during the summer months so don't miss your chance to check one out today. Reserve the Explorer Van luxury conversion van before it's too late!

If you would like to learn more about the line of Explorer Van luxury conversion Luxury van rentals before embarking on your upcoming New York Long Island vacation please feel free to contact IMAGE Rent-A-Car today! The Explorer Van conversion van rentals at IMAGE Rent-A-Car are guaranteed to get the party started during your upcoming New York City vacation, or Orlando Florida trip, so why wait! For more information on rental rates and availability please feel free to contact the head offices of IMAGE Rent-A-Car at 1-718-771-6666. Toll free reservations can also be made by calling 1-888-718-0001. All of the Explorer Van luxury conversion van rentals at Image Rent-A-Car are of the current model year. These vans are highly recommend for large vacation groups include family get-togethers, college road trips, high school reunions and much, much more! A rental van has never been so stylish, so don't wait! Call and reserve your Explorer Van luxury conversion van today! or a Camper Van Rental!     

Conversion Van Rental New York - Conversion Van Rental New Jersey - Conversion Van Rental Florida


Image Exotic Car Rental in New York City (Brooklyn NY) Ph:718-771-6666
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United States New York City Tri-State Area 15 passenger van rental

For very large groups of travelers, our United States New York City Tri-State Area 15 passenger rental vans are available for rent. IMAGE Rental Vans Van Rental’s 15 passenger vehicles are great vans fully loaded with automatic transmission, air conditioning and CD player. Like the 12 passenger rental vans, our 15 seater also comes equipped with a removable bench seat, anti-lock brakes, and rear swing-out van doors with vented glass. The twelve and 15 passenger van is a popular rental option for transportation to and from New York City Area,, for business meetings, company retreats, music band touring, family vacations, and group road trips.

Our United States New York City Tri-State Area 15 passenger rental vans are ideal for companies that require extensive international business travel, or who host groups of business travelers from satellite and international offices. Not only are they great for transportation of people and luggage to United States, they also fit the bill for everyday travel between the hotel and office. Many corporations rent the sprinter vans and 12 to 15 passenger size vehicles for weekend business retreats, since it only takes a few vans to transport everyone in the office. Our big vans are also ideal for business or pleasure trips through Tri State. Renting a large van to explore New York Tri-State Area.. Driving the entire group together in one large van requires only one designated driver, as opposed to multiple drivers who cannot enjoy the group travel. Also, our 15 passenger van and splitter van Hire can be rented with a GPS system to help guide you on your journey and optional WiFi Rentals.

For all groups, IMAGE Rental Vans United States New York City Tri-State Area 15 passenger van rental also offers 12 passenger vans and 8 passenger vans, which are ideal for large families and groups of travelers coming to United States.