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If you're looking for an ultra affordable rental vehicle that's both safe and efficient, look no further than the selection of high quality minivan rentals currently available at Image Rent A Car, New York! Designed with your needs in mind, the minivan rentals available at Image Rent A Car offer tons of cargo storage space, comfortable seating and tons of advanced engineering. Minivans are often considered the perfect family vehicle as they offer enough seating for upwards of seven passengers, providing travelers with room for plenty of rambunctious kids and after-school crafts! Minivan rentals are also considered to be one of the safest light vehicles on the road today, protecting passengers from serious and life threatening injuries in the unlikely event of an accident. Minivan rentals are both fun to drive and easy to maneuver, providing New York City car rental customers with hours of on-road enjoyment. More than your average people mover, the minivan rentals at Image Rent A Car provided travelers with an exciting escape from the everyday so don't delay and reserve your very own minivan today!

Born out of invention, the minivan is arguably one of the world's most popular automotive models, providing travelers with substantial storage room and lots of passenger seating. Versatility and functionality are two of the minivans biggest features, providing travelers with a quick and easy mode of transportation. Fresh styling cues and enhanced handling have further added to the minivan rentals appeal, along with powerful engines and superior engineering. Designed with the goal of providing busy parents with stress-free transportation, the newest generation of minivan rentals are both safe and stylish, combining after-school cute with boardroom chic. Trucks, SUV's and minivans make up more than half of the U.S. automotive market, proving that American travelers are far more interested in practicality than superficial styling. If you would like to join the millions of people already experiencing the benefits of a minivan, please feel free to stop by and check out Image Rent A Car's extensive minivan inventory today.

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Things to Look for on Minivan Rentals

Never driven a minivan rental before? Then remember to keep and eye out for these important features when browsing Image Rent A Car's inventory:

  • Interior Space and Reconfiguration: Within the last decade minivan rentals are morphed in transformer vehicles, providing New York City travelers with tons of exciting interior options and seating reconfigurations. If you're planning on packing some serious cargo into your upcoming minivan rental, you may wish to consider reserving a minivan rental that offers removable and/or fold down seats. These minivan rentals are ultra easy to reconfigure, often increasing your interior storage space by 200%!
  • Child Comfort: If you're planning on reserving a minivan as your upcoming New York City family car rental, remember to include you're children in the selection process as different minivan rentals require different car seat setups, and often include different safety features. Please feel free to ask an Image Rent A Car representative for more details about backseat safety, or better yet, bring your child in for a test run. Finding a minivan rental that's right for you and your family is important, so don't be afraid to ask for details concerning available safety ratings and customer reviews.
  • Mechanical Specifications: Although most minivan rentals offer front-wheel drive, it is worth enquiring about an all-wheel drive model, especially during New York City winters. All-wheel drive models tend to feature better traction on wet surfaces.
  • Safety Features: All minivans come equipped with standard dual front airbags. Some car makers are beginning to also offer side curtain airbags, objects sensing systems, rollover protection and anti-lock brakes.

If you are interested in reserving a minivan rental as your upcoming New York City rental vehicle please feel free to browse Image Rent A Car's online gallery for more model and make details. Image currently features the Chrysler Town and Country as one of their most requested rental vehicles.

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