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America's original sports car is back and better than ever, boasting a totally new design and improved mechanics. The Chevrolet Corvette C6 is bound to surpass all expectations, providing customers with impeccable comfort, refined handling and powerful performance. Over 85% of the 2008 Chevy Corvette rental is new, enhancing what was already considered to be one of the finest sports cars in the world. A new profile, exposed headlamps and a slimmed down rear-end are a few of the Corvette is most notable features, along with a new brake system, engine setup and a redesigned suspension. More than a status symbol, the all new 2008 Corvette C6 is an automotive icon, providing customers with the utmost in quality, comfort and charisma. If you're interested in making a big impression during your upcoming New York City trip, look no further than the new 2008 Corvette rental currently available at Image Rent A Car. This vehicle demands attention, so go ahead and get noticed during your upcoming Big Apple adventure! View the Photo Gallery of the Corvette Rentals

Corvette RentalInnovative design cues and revolutionary engineering combine inside the all new Corvette rental, providing customers with award winning performance and style. Simple chances, like the use of exposed headlamps, often make the biggest difference on the new Corvette rental, completely changing the vehicles outward appearance and immediate look. For many years Chevy has insisted on utilizing hideaway headlamps in order to complement the Corvette aerodynamic makeup, but now, thanks to an advance in optics and lighting technology, the lights have been exposed, providing the new Corvette with a commanding presence and amazing poise. The addition of these new headlamps are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely light, markedly reducing the Corvette rentals front end overhang weight, the effects of inertia and much, much more. The new C6 Corvette rental is also five inches shorter than the previous C5 model, and one inch narrower, improving the vehicles overall agility and handling. A tighter, tauter profile is also apparent on the new C6, Z06 along with increase stability and smoother aerodynamics. Quad tailpipes, a tiny rear spoiler and four jeweled taillights finish off this immaculate vehicle, along with functional side air ducts and a sleek rear window.  

A Legend in the Making

Living up to an automotive legacy like that of the Corvette isn't easy, but this year's all new 2008 C6 hardtop has more than risen to the challenge! Like other Corvette models, the all new C6 boasts a fresh-faced flare for the dramatic, creating a vehicle that's unlike any other. Since General Motors first started to produce the Corvette back in 1953, the vehicle has taken on an aura all its own, attracting car-lovers from across the country and around the world. Credited with beginning the industries fiberglass revolution, the first Corvettes were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, combining cutting edge technology with sophisticated American styling and classic vehicular amenities. Plenty has changed since the first production Corvette rolled of the line some 50 years ago, but one thing will always remain the same ? the Corvette commitment to quality. So why wait? See for yourself why the Corvette has been crowned ?King of Cars? during your upcoming Image Rent-A-Car vacation ? reserve the latest generation Corvette rental today!

Exotic Car Rental in New York CityThe interior of the new C6 is just as innovative, if not more so, than the vehicle's exterior, providing New York City travelers with the very best amenities and features. Softer surfaces and elegant tailoring increase the prestige inside the C6, along with chrome accents and expensive plastics. The seats within the new C6 are extremely comfortable and easy to adjust, providing both the driver and passenger with a commanding view of the road. Increased head and shoulder room add to the interiors spacious feel, along with ample leg room and conveniently placed consol controls. Big analogue gauges are quick and easy to read, providing drivers with a classic racecar instrument panel, devoid of digital readings and confusing jargon. A nifty heads-up digital display is projected onto the windshield for passengers interested in monitoring speed, rpm and even g-forces. The Corvette also offers an impressive 22.4 feet of trunk space.

The new C6 Corvette rental is engineered for both the highway and the racetrack, providing drivers with outstanding acceleration, and unbelievable horsepower. The brand new LS2 V8 engine is massive, (364 cubic inches) making it the largest small-block engine ever offered in a Corvette. With the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds, the new Corvette C6 rental is able to complete the standing quarter mile in 12.5 seconds. Plus the new Corvette rental comes with a 18/28 miles per gallon city/highway rating. Go ahead, say it WOW.

If you're interested in reserving the all new C6 as your upcoming New York City car rental please feel free to contact Image Rent A Car for more information, or feel free to complete the online application process by clicking here. The new Corvette C6 is destiny to move fast, so don't delay ' make your reservation today!

 View the Photo Gallery of the Corvette Rentals

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